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Custom ROM Revolution OS v3.0 for Samsung Galaxy J5 2015


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Custom ROM Revolution OS v3.0 for Samsung Galaxy J5 2015

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Information ROM

  • Base in J500M Stock and Grace ux Desing theme Revolution OS
  • Blue Ligth Filter N7
  • Desing Grace ux theme framework
  • Dinamic Blur (Recents / Power Menu)
  • Deknoxed
  • Edge Panel
  • Fake 7.0 version android
  • Fast & Stable
  • Full Debloated
  • Init.d support
  • N7 apps and features
  • Optimized for Battery life
  • Root and Busybox installable
  • Rom Control
  • S8 Nougat System Animation
  • Sound Quality Optimized
  • S8 apps and Features
  • S7e apps and features
  • Tweaked for best performance
  • Zipaligned in boot
Features ROM
* SystemUI Grace ux Theme
* Setting Grace ux Theme
* Hades Kernel v2.5 how default Kernel
* Blur dinamic in recents
* Blur dinamic in Power menu
* SystemUI Clock in center and more mods UI
* Added Scale animation 0.25x for all country
* Toolbox Controller (Full working)
* Power Menu icon S8
* S8 Lockscreen
* S8 Camera
* S8 Theme Store
* S8 browser
* S8 Galaxy Apps
* S8 voice record
* S8 clock
* S8 Weather
* S8 Music
* S8 Calculator
* S8 video player
* S8 Bootanimation
* My files S8 theme
* S8 Plus model Buildprop
* S8 audio
* S8 Fonts
* Edge Panel N7
* IncallUI N7
* Contacts N7
* Gallery N7
* Keyboard S7e Nougat
* Smart Manager S7e Nougat
* Launcher S7e Nougat
* Installation Aroma installer (Choose features ROM)
* Select you DPI in Aroma installer
* Sound Optimized
* Rom Fast and Lite
* Select Volte in Aroma installer
* Full features CSC
* 150 Fonts added for Default
* Advanced Reboot
* Floating Videos
* Floating Messages
* Record calls
* Magisk root/SuperSU/Not root select in Aroma installer
* ViperArise / SoundAlive choose in Aroma Aroma installer
* NFC in Aroma installer only for J500FN
* And other things that I don’t remember
➹ ROM Revolution OS v3.0 Download
➹ UI MultiColor Download
➹Has been installed Custom Recovery Aroma
➹Samsung Galaxy J5 has been rooted
Note: If not installed custom recovery aroma and root, please refer to the steps here

Steps Install Custom ROM Revolution OS v3.0 in Samsung Galaxy J5

1. Transfer the Supersu zip file to SD Card your device.

2. Reboot your device to TWRP recovery with using key combinations VOLUME UP – HOME – POWER , in condition device turn off.

How to Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J710F

3. In the TWRP menu, tap on Install and search and Select the Custom ROM Revolution OS

How to Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J710F

4. Then swipe to the right to start the install process.

How to Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J710F

5. Wait up to completion, then Wipe Dalvik/Cache.

How to Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J710F

6. Next  Reboot your device by long pressing the power button. Alternatively, remove and reinsert the battery, then restart.

7. Don’t interrupt the boot process, give some time for the first boot.

8. Done.

Creadit ROM
@samsung for firmware
@Chainfire for SuperSU
@osm0sis for busybox
@ananjaser1211 for help me with RC
@BlackMesa123 for help me with mods
@Bulgaricus for awesome Custom Kernel
@corsicanu for awesome Custom Kernel
@Leonardo Mota for help with test and mods
@me for TWRP 3.1.0-0 Aroma Support
@A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems for great mod Sound ViperArise
@@asc1977 for Collection of Guides & Mods
@wanam for xposed framework
@ashyx for [PATCH]**Adoptable storage

So many custom ROM Revolution OS v3.0 for Samsung Galaxy J5. Good Luck and if there are less understandable or dead links, can be asked in the comments.

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