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How to Flashing Sony Xperia Z2 D6503 via Flashtool


How to Flashing Sony Xperia Z2 D6503 via Flashtool

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Actually this flashing way is almost the same as other Xperia smartphones, but many still do not know. Well for that here we will discuss how to flash Xperia Z2 via Flashtool.

Most people flashing this is done when they get software problems such as bootloop, hang, application error, exposed to viruses and many more on his smartphone.

How to flashing Xperia Z2 is very easy, let us just take a look at the tutorial below:

Materials For Flashing Sony Xperia Z2

1. Driver Sony Xperia Z2

2. Flashtool Xperia 0.09.23

3. Sony Xperia Z2 Firmware


⇉ Make sure your Xperia Z2 battery reaches 70% and above.

⇉ Use USB cable Xperia Z2 default so stable during flashing process.

⇉ For Firmware select the one that suits your phone.

⇉ If flashtool 0.09.23, firmware does not appear. Use the flashtool version 0.09.18.

Flash Setup Sony Xperia Z2 via Flashtool

1. Install flashtool Sony Xperia which you have downloaded earlier on laptop or computer.

2. Continue to Install also Sony Xperia Driver by the way, go to flashtool folder (Local Disk C> Flashtool> Driver) later in that folder there Driver Sony Xperia, double click or right click continue select Run As Administration on file named Flashtool- drivers.exe.

3. At the time of installing Flashtool-drivers.exe check the 3 drivers that include flashmode, fasboot and the third match with the type of phone to be in flash. (Make sure Driver Is Installed Correctly and according to your phone type).

4. For those of you using Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10, set the ferivication signature driver in the reboot to recovery settings menu.

5. After your laptop restar and select disable driver signature ferivication.

Flash steps Sony Xperia Z2 via Flashtool

If the above steps have been done correctly, essentially your phone has been detected, then just take a look at Sony Xperia Z2 flash steps via flashtool below.

1. Copy the Sony Xperia Z2 firmware you have downloaded to Flashtool folder Local Disk C> Flashtool> firmwares “firmware type format .ftf”.

2. Next open the application flashtool.exe by double left click or right click and select Run As Administrator.

3. In flashtool application select lightning logo “Blu”, there will be pop-up bootmode chooser, you select flashmode and click OK, as shown below.

4. Next select the firmware that you copied to the flashtool folder format .ftf

5. Then leave the third box wipe checked. “if not checked please check it manually”

6. Once everything is done correctly then select Flash.

7. The flashing process will start, wait a few seconds until there is a new menu with a picture of the phone.

8. Once there as shown below, Connect Sony Xperia Z2 by pressing and holding the Volume Down / Down button.

9. Continue to wait until the flashing process is complete, Until there is a log flashing finish.

10. After the flashing process is finished unplug the usb cable, then try to turn your phone on a regular basis.

That’s how to flash Sony Xperia Z2 via Flashtool, hopefully this article can help solve the problem software on your favorite smartphone. If you are a link or sentence that is not understood, please ask commented.

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