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How to install Android P on Oppo R15 Pro


How to install Android P on Oppo R15 Pro

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Maybe you want to know the latest and greatest version of Android offered by Google. This Android luxury was previously limited and is only available for Nexus and Pixel devices only. Both google phones are testers of Android P beta, and almost every other Android phone on the market is not compatible with the Android beta channel.

But that changed after the Google I / O 2018 conference a few months ago. At this year’s annual developers conference, Google announces Android P beta will be available not only on Google Nexus and Pixel only.

But also seven other smart phones, such as Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, Vivo X21, OnePlus 6, Sony Xperia XZ2, and Oppo R15 Pro has been compatible with Android P this.

For some devices, upgrading to P beta is a bit complicated. Devices such as mobile phones Important should be flash to the latest version similar to flash ROM on a regular basis, which can be a bit intimidating for someone just getting started with Android.

OPPO process is not very intense. While phones like Xperia XZ2 just need to connect to some software on your PC, OPPO relies on files downloaded directly to your phone.

Here below step how to install Android P on Oppo R15 Pro.

1. Download the OPPO R15 Pro firmware here, then save it on your device’s memory card (keep it out of the folder).

2. Turn off your OPPO R15 Pro.

4. After that in the state of your device is off, hold down the power and volume down button to enter recovery mode.

5. Select “Installation of Upgrades.”

6. Then select the Oppo R15 Pro firmware on your device’s memory card and tap “Upgrade.”

7. Next you just need to wait for the installation takes place. When you’re done, you can tap “Reboot” and wait for the phone to boot again. Now you will have access to Android P Beta on your OPPO R15 Pro!

When you upgrade OPPO R15 Pro to Android P beta, please note that the data files stored in the internal memory will be deleted.

For that before doing this installation, be sure to back up your data to the cloud or external storage device to make sure you can access it later.

Android P beta will also remove ColorOS and any stock apps from the system, leaving only a few basic Google apps.

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