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The Best Apps And Watch Faces Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2 watch faces


The Best Apps And Watch Faces Samsung Gear 2

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Samsung Gear 2 watch faces – Samsung gear fit 2 watch faces professional is one among our favourite fitness trackers. In fact, it typically feels a lot of like quite a fitness hunter, due to what Tizen will do.

The Galaxy app store provides loads of apps and watch faces for you to examine, however which will gift the matter of an excessive amount of selection. that square measure the simplest apps and watch faces for your Samsung fitness tracker?

Lucky you, as we’ve place along a range of our favorites. Gather around, friends, and take a glance.

The best samsung gear 2 custom watch faces


Want one thing each calming and beautiful? Butterflies is that the watch face for you. it is not aiming to provide you with all the knowledge within the world, however it’s aiming to place a smile on your face each time you look into it. The always-on version is additionally cute, with a pleasant very little butterfly define floating on top of the time.


If you are looking for one thing a touch a lot of bonkers, there is Elegant. it is not truly elegant, however it will appear as if one thing straight out of Alice in Wonderland. It’s enough to urge you drinking tea with the Mad milliner, and also the purple-y lines within the background cue America loads of the fictional character.

Star Wars Heroes

Alright, you rebel scum. it is time to affix the Resistance and shell the primary Order permanently. All you’ll need to try to to is transfer this watch face to your Gear match, and you will get to own your favorite Star Wars hero from all 3 trilogies on your wrist joint. that is however it works, right? Sorry, no author Dameron.

Echo marginal

The cool factor concerning always-on displays is that they provide you with data all the time. sadly, several always-on watch faces do not provide you with all the knowledge you wish or would like. that is why we’re creating by removal Echo marginal. This face provides you all the knowledge. the sole amendment you will see is that the background, which matches from a gray to a black once the show turns to always-on mode.

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Rugged Worn Blue match

So many watch faces need to seem stylish, or provide you with a wrist joint jam-packed with element. The Rugged Worn opts for one thing a touch completely different. It appears to even take inspiration from denim. you will get the hour in blue and also the minutes in white, and around them a number of your fitness data.

Basic Black

Ever surprise why the Apple Watch’s interface is generally black? It’s to preserve battery life, as a result of color needs loads a lot of juice from OLED displays than black will. Basic Black mimics that concept, supplying you with a pure black watch face all the time, that is each refined and power-conscious.

Sea & Sky

Sometimes you simply got to go away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. you simply got to absorb some nature. perhaps the gorgeous, flaming waves of the ocean. Or the open sky. ocean & Sky can take you to each places.

Pip-Boy 3000

Getting associate degree actual Pip-Boy 3000 for your wrist joint is not sensible as a result of, well, Bethesda stopped commercialism them. ensuing smartest thing is to transfer this watch face for your Gear Fit2 professional. similar to the virtual edition, you will get all of your metrics right your wrist joint. If you feel a small amount down although, positively don’t ingest any radioactive Nuka Cola.

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Classic vogue by GV

The Gear Fit2 Pro’s rectangular screen makes it the proper home for a pleasant respect to the recent, classic rectangular watches. Enter Classic vogue, that recreates that vintage look with a number of new complications. you have your battery life and rate up at the highest.

Under Armour Daily hunter

Under Armour already makes its suite of fitness apps on the market for the Gear Fit2 professional. you will get to decide on 3 statistics you’ll be able to persevere your face, and you’ll be able to choose between things like calories remaining till you hit your goal, steps, water intake, caffeine, rate and a lot of.

The best samsung gear 2 watch face apps


One of the benefits that Samsung’s have over the competition is Spotify, giving it access to the foremost music genre service within the world. If you are a premium user, you will be able to stream via Wi-Fi. you may even be able to save your music to your Gear Fit2 professional for offline playback. Get your music on, indeed.

GoPro Shutter

On associate degree journey and need an easy thanks to record your huge kayaking run? transfer the GoPro Shutter and acquire able to remotely begin your GoPro recording. This unofficial app is additionally compatible with each GoPro from as early back because the Hero3.


One of the crown jewels of the below Armor suite, MapMyRun permits you to track your runs with the Gear Fit2 Pro’s constitutional GPS. you may conjointly get statistics like your rate and pace. There are challenges that you simply will bask in once you would like that additional little bit of motivation.

Speedo On

In our expertise, the constitutional swim trailing of the Gear Fit2 professional is not the best. Luckily, Speedo’s app picks up the slack virtually. you will get instant metrics from your swims right your wrist joint, and you will even get access to time trials so you’ll be able to track your progress. and do not worry, there is a swim lock mode that’ll keep water from accidentally turning off your session or gap another app.

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Lifesum is already one among the simplest health apps out there, and its Gear Fit2 professional edition is simply stunning to use. you will be able to add food and water intake right from your wrist joint. it will conjointly tell you ways your energy is doing for the day.

Pear Personal Coach

Pear is all concerning audio work your fitness, and Pear for Gear Fit2 professional can allow you to keep your phone reception. If you sign on for Pear’s subscription service, you may conjointly get access to many workouts, from HIIT to treadmill to yoga. It’s all here, and it’s dead your ear if you get a solid combine of Bluetooth headphones.

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