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How to Check for Updates on Smartphones Android

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How to Check for Updates on Smartphones Android

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Android check for updates – Updating Android your mechanical man is a painful expertise that needs plenty of patience, reckoning on the device you own and also the carrier you’re with.

Customarily once a replacement version of mechanical man starts rolling out, it doesn’t hit each Android device at constant time – it depends plenty on your location. the method will take up to a couple of weeks, however there square measure ways that to make sure you get the update sooner.

The majority of users typically wait till they receive a notification on their phone that alerts them the new update is on the market for transfer. however you don’t need to. simply use the “Android check for updates” button in Settings, that has been recently updated to assist you get the new software package plenty faster.

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Follow these steps to manually Android check for updates on your mechanical man device (a OnePlus 5T was used for the aim of this tutorial):

  1. Open up the Settings app either by exploitation the app icon or by sound the gear-shaped settings button within the notification bar
  2. Scroll down all the thanks to rock bottom till you reach the System menu
  3. Tap on System Updates
  4. Tap on Check for Updates to check if you have got one thing new

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Different makers do things otherwise, therefore for instance, if you own a Samsung phone you’ll notice things square measure organized a small amount otherwise.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone
  2. Look for the dedicated software package Update section and faucet on that
  3. Tap on transfer updates manually to see for updates

It’s price mentioning that the practicality of the “Android check for updates” button has modified in recent months. currently once you faucet that button, the system can acknowledge this it’s a user-initiated method and if a replacement software package version is on the market, you’ll grasp directly.

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In the past, the button didn’t do a lot of to hurry up things on, therefore some impatient users resorted to sideloading the OTA updates. however this shouldn’t be necessary any longer.

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