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How to Check for Updates on My Phone Android


How to Check for Updates on My Phone Android

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Check for updates on my phone – The automaton software system for smartphones and tablets Android device system gets periodic system updates a bit like Apple’s iOS for the iPhone and iPad. These updates square measure are known as code updates since they treat a deeper system level than traditional Android device update software (app) and are designed to regulate the hardware.

Code updates on your phone need permission, time, and a tool restart. It’s always conjointly an honest plan to go away your phone in an exceedingly charger throughout a code update thus there is less of an opportunity that you simply accidentally run out of batteries mid-upgrade and doubtless break your phone.

Google sporadically pushes out upgrades to the code on your automaton phone by causing the updated data on to your cellular or Wi-Fi affiliation. You switch on your phone ANd it tells you that an update is accessible. These updates square measure extended in waves by device and carrier, so that they do not become obtainable for everybody directly.

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That is as a result of code updates have to be compelled to be specifically compatible with the hardware on your phone, instead of apps, that work with a large style of devices. generally it’s exhausting to wait, thus here’s however you’ll be able to check for updates if your update is accessible currently.

How to Check for Updates

This approach works on most up-to-date versions of automaton, though some versions could have some slight variations in wherever the place the choices.

Note: The directions below ought to apply in spite of World Health Organization created your automaton phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

Turn on your phone and drag your finger from the highest of the screen downward so as to drag the settings menu down. (You may have to scroll down double so as to induce to the right menu.)
Tap the gear icon on the highest of the screen to open Settings.
Scroll to concerning phone and faucet it.

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Tap System updates.

You should see the screen showing whether or not your system is up so far and once the update server was last checked. you’ll be able to optionally choose Check for update if you would like to instantly check once more.
If AN update is accessible, faucet to begin putting in it.


Because automaton may be a fragmented operational system-that is, totally different|completely different}|completely different} device makers and cellular carriers assemble it separately-updates roll out at different times to different customers. The quickest recipients of any new upgrade square measure Google constituent users as a result of updates square measure pushed directly by Google while not being reviewed or changed by a carrier.

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Users World Health Organization have frozen their phones (i.e., changed the device on a awfully basic operating-system level) might not be eligible for over-the-air carrier updates and can ought to reflash their phones to update to the latest image of automaton optimized for his or her device. Most phone makers warn against ontogenesis.

A code upgrade is totally unrelated to traditional app upgrades pushed through the Google Play Store. App updates don’t need vetting by device makers or cellular carriers.

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