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How to Download Good Apps from Google Playstore

Good play store apps


How to Download Good Apps from Google Playstore

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Good play store apps – Developers use the play store apps android to distribute over 1.5 million apps to Android users. even if Google tries to confine on all rascal apps, a couple of manage to experience the sieve.

A number of these apps mine knowledge or overuse Android resources and find yourself golf stroke undue stress on your device. I recently saw not one, however 2 versions of WhatsApp Gold (Wasup Gold and Watsapp Gold) listed on the Play Store once WhatsApp Gold has been clearly known a scam.

I’ve compiled some fast checks that once conducted before downloading any app from the Play Store, may probably forestall you from downloading crapware. Let’s get straight to it!

Review the “All Reviews” section

Google permits users of apps to go away feedback within the style of star ratings (1 – five stars) and a brief outline of their expertise. betting on the recognition of the app, this might vary from a couple of a whole lot to legion user ratings. a fast thirty second scan through the review section can leave you with a feel of however smart or stinking the app in question is. As associate degree order of magnitude check, I usually be from apps with but 3.5 stars.

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Check the “Last Updated” date

If a developer frequently supports associate degree app by providing updates, you’ll be assured of bug fixes and performance enhancements in future versions. Apps area unit frequently changed to optimize its use of Android system resources. I don’t notably like putting in apps that haven’t been updated in additional than six months. Such apps may be buggy, have ugly UIs or maybe perform sub-optimally on newer versions of Android. to envision the last update date, click on “Read More” and scroll to the lowest of the page.

Check the quantity of downloads the app has gathered

This is a small amount tough as a result of the lots may be wrong however sometimes, {a smart|an honest|a decent} app includes a corresponding good transfer count. Also, such apps can have smart user ratings and feedback. As a rule of thumb, be from obscure and unknown apps, unless counseled by AFD school speak (*poker face*)

Pay attention to Permissions needed

Apps you put in don’t mechanically get access to all or any permissions (such because the ability to create phone calls, access media files and access to the internet) on your device; they operate during a sandbox and solely you’ll grant them permissions to figure.

This system is especially fine-tuned on Android 6.0+ however it works simply fine on lower versions on

Android once you click on associate degree app’s transfer button, the list of all permissions the app is requesting to work is displayed for your poring over. Do a fast mental check of the perform of the app and also the permissions it needs, so that, if a calculator app, for instance, is requesting access to your Contacts, it sounds suspicious.

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Check “Users additionally installed” and “Similar apps”

Play Store shows you similar apps that might perform a similar perform because the app you’re downloading / viewing. This comes in handy once you don’t seem to be glad with the app. Scrolling all the thanks to the lowest shows the “Similar apps” and “Users additionally installed” sections. simply just in case you wish to undertake similar apps, this has you coated.

Verify the Publisher of the app

This may not be abundant of a drag as Google already makes positive that there’s no identity fraud on the Play Store. However, I’m as well as this as a result of you’ll probably transfer associate degree app you don’t will if you don’t listen to the publisher of the app. If you’re downloading associate degree app, take care to verify the name of the publisher of the app. this is often sometimes denote slightly below the name of the app. If you wish to transfer Google Drive for instance, make certain Google is that the publisher of the app.

Read app description to see whether or not or not associate degree app is compatible together with your device
Some apps apply to specific niche of users solely. a number of the foremost common niches area unit root users solely (as against non-root users), Samsung users solely (as against HTC, etc) and phone users solely (as against pill users). For the most effective expertise, make certain you’re downloading associate degree app that was created together with your niche in mind.

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