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How to Fix Huawei Phones Not Compatible with Android Auto


How to Fix Huawei Phones Not Compatible with Android Auto

Android auto compatible phones –Huawei phones aren’t compatible with Android Auto with no fix visible. If you’re a Huawei user, then you need to have detected the bug that relates to the Android Auto along with your phone. As recently, several users square measure reportage that Huawei phones aren’t operating with Android Auto. On the opposite hand, presently there’s no fix visible provide by company during this regard.

Despite the very fact that the bulk of phones work with Android Auto while not a snag, Huawei phones look as if to be giving the bulk of individuals problems, and as there’s a fix within the works there’s no word on once we’ll place into action.

So, honestly if you’re a disciple of the options that Android Auto offers to your cart then you would like to think about doubly before buying Huawei phones. it should be in your best interest.

On the opposite aspect, Google has confirmed that the matter is with Huawei phones instead of Android Auto, stating on their forums that “Huawei incorporates a fix for the matter on several of their devices, and is functioning with totally different carriers to check and roll out those fixes.”

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According to Pinunikaweb, Huawei same equally in associate degree email, stating

“Huawei is presently engaged on providing a fix to the present issue. sadly, we have a tendency to don’t have official info relating to once the difficulty are solved . within the meanwhile, please make certain that your device is up thus far (by checking in Settings > Updater or within the HiCare app. Also, the discharge of robot seven.0 candy has already started. it’s discharged in batches, therefore check the HiCare App from time to time and make certain the updates square measure set to automatic (Settings > Updater).”

When you scan these statements by the censurable aspect then it should looks well and sensible. But, once you return to grasp that these statements were created quite a year past then can|you’ll|you may} begin curious if the problems with Huawei phones not operating with Android Auto will ever be addressed or not?

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Apart from the very fact that there square measure some Huawei phones that job with Android Auto, however the bulk don’t. this can be awful for users.

List of phones that didn’t support Android Auto practicality

The phones confirmed to not work with the practicality embody the

  • Huawei P8
  • Huawei P8 low-cal
  • Huawei P9
  • Huawei P9 low-cal
  • Huawei P9 and
  • Huawei P10
  • Huawei P10 low-cal
  • Huawei P10 and
  • Huawei Mate eight
  • Huawei Mate nine
  • Huawei Mate nine professional
  • Huawei Mate ten
  • Huawei Mate ten low-cal
  • Huawei Mate ten professional
  • Honor 6, Honor 6X
  • Honor 7X
  • Honor 8
  • Honor 9.

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It is necessary to say here that the surprising facet of this flaw is that Huawei’s latest flagships that were discharged in late 2017 long once the corporate was wakeful of the problems with compatibility with Android Auto. Even they still don’t play nice with the practicality. Strange, isn’t ?

Well, if Huawei is de facto still wanting and dealing on how out for this compatibility drawback, they’re for sure taking their time.

We have collected some user complaints from round the net that illustrate the difficulty.

“I’ve been exploitation Android Auto in my 2016 Holden Spark for the last twelve months with my Samsung Galaxy S7and I’ve return to suppose it and that i’m self utilized therefore i want to require phone calls usually and I use the navigation for obtaining around to purchasers homes. I simply upgraded my phone to a Huawei mate ten these days and visited use it this night within the Android Auto and once I obstructed it within the monitor within the automotive went utterly black. Android Auto opened on my phone show however I couldn’t hear something. I used it with the wire that came with my Huawei mate ten, not another random wire. Please tell Maine that this can be reaching to be fastened soon?” a user states his drawback.

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“It’s very unimaginable that this issue has not been fastened nevertheless. I even have problems too with my Huawei Mate ten professional and Android Auto. It’s purported to be a “flagship” device and it doesn’t work with Android Auto. Wth?” Another poor soul is curious that he have flagship device however still facing identical issue.

Well, what we will do despite being hopeful that the corporate stops down for the count their time and releases a fix to allow Huawei phones to line with Android Auto, as it’s positively inflicting loads of problems.

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