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How to Setup Android Emulator to App Testing Tool

Android emulator to test apps


How to Setup Android Emulator to App Testing Tool

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Android emulator to test apps – The real take care of Mobile internet application development is android app testing tool it on multiple devices. Thus each one might not be ready to purchase all the mobile devices to check, particularly with Android. Since we’ve got several devices from multiple OEM’s and with completely different screen size, it’s not a possible choice to purchase all devices and take a look at. Due to Google for providing emulators to create our job easy!

I have already wrote a commentary on testing mobile android app online , however it’s initial version of Android device and it’s depreciated currently. So, i assumed writing extension to it with latest tools on the market from Google.

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In this article, i’ll show you the way to setup Android emulator to check your mobile internet android apps on pc.

NOTE: There is also modification of page layout in future, however i hope Google permit to transfer the Android SDK.

  • It offers you choice to transfer x86 or x64 version. It’s up to you to decide on the proper version for you. NO CONSTRAINTS. The SDK contains all the desired tools to urge started with developing Android apps, anyway it’s out of topic.
  • Once you’re done downloading, unzip it. you may see 2 folders and SDK Manager.exe.
  • Click on the SDK Manager to launch. It launches the Android SDK Manager window.
  • Now click on Tools –> Manage AVDs…
  • It launches Android Virtual Device Manager window.
  • Now, we want to make a brand new Android Virtual Device, by clicking on New… button.
  • When you click on New… button, it launches produce New Android Virtual Device (AVD) window.
  • Enter AVD Name, choose Device and Target. within the Device dropdown, you may get all the devices with completely different screen sizes together with Android Tablets.
  • Target has the recent Android Version list, that you’ll be able to choose the desired one. Now, we’ve got android 4.0 jelly bean emulator.
  • You can leave the remainder of the fields to their defaults, that we have a tendency to don’t seem to be progressing to blast. If you want to fiddle with alternative fields too, you’re liberated to try this. once more NO CONSTRAINTS.
  • On clicking on OK button, it shows message box, that summarizes the configuration of out emulator.
  • Click OK button. currently the freshly designed Android emulator is further to the list.
  • Now choose the freshly created emulator and click on on Start… button.
  • It will invoke Launch choices dialog.
  • Click on Launch button, by going the choices to their defaults! it’ll launch the emulator.
  • Now we have a tendency to square measure able to take a look at our mobile internet application.
  • Launch the net browser within the emulator and take a look at your applications!

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NOTE: If you’re testing your mobile internet apps, that square measure deployed to native IIS, then you’ve got to use information science Address rather than victimization localhost.

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