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How to use Apple Watch with your Android phone


How to use Apple Watch with your Android phone

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Apple watch with android phone -The Apple Watch is one in every of the simplest smartwatches on the market. it’d even be the simplest. With a number of the poor selections for Android users, of us would possibly begin to marvel if associate degree Apple Watch is that the thanks to go, however would that even work?

The Apple Watch Series three has standalone LTE — currently am i able to use it with my Android phone?

The answer remains no… mostly.

There’s no Watch app for Android, neither is there the simplest way for you to set your Android phone to associate degree Apple Watch. you do not get a little SIM card to place within the Apple Watch; it’s already designed into the chip, associate degreed once you try it with an iPhone, that iPhone’s SIM data primarily gets traced to the Apple Watch’s chip.

On that note, if you are improbably enterprising associate degreed you have got a loved one with another iPhone (or an older iPhone yourself), you’ll swap your SIM into that iPhone and got wind of a watch that means, then place the SIM back to your Android device and use it. you will kill your Apple Watch’s battery and it is not counseled, however it’s doable.

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Can Apple Watch try with Android?

No. No it cannot. Apple Watch depends on the content and knowledge on associate degree iPhone and for the affiliation to figure, each ends have to be compelled to be created by Apple. Apple encrypts abundant of the data shared between iPhone and Apple Watch, thus it finishes up being quite simply a straightforward Bluetooth pairing.

Android smartwatches have the same relationship to Android phones within the means that Bluetooth speakers have a relationship with all phones (though, of course, it is not that rudimentary), whereas Apple Watch and iPhone have a a lot of complicated relationship.

What ar associate degree Android user’s smartwatch options?

If you are simply searching for a fitness hunter and one thing that notifies you of texts and calls, then you’ll wish to think about a Fitbit. If you are looking for one thing a lot of sturdy that enables you to answer emails and texts, maybe includes Google Assistant, and more, then you will need associate degree Android smart watch or Samsung smartwatch.

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Will Apple Watch ever work with Android?

There has been tons of speculation and comment, and honestly, if Apple desires to stay up with the growing quality of Android, it simply may need to form that affiliation. It’s somewhat unlikely, given the full Apple security factor, however it’d be prudent of Apple, since it’d possible steal tons of users faraway from competition like LG and Samsung.

How concerning you?

Are you associate degree Android user searching for a smartwatch expertise like watchOS or ar you associate degree Apple Watch user want associate degree Android phone was on the opposite finish of that connection? preach within the comments below.

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