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The Best 5 Interesting Apps for Android Phones

Interesting apps for android


The Best 5 Interesting Apps for Android Phones

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Interesting apps for Android – The Google Play store has many applications for Android devices and that they extend the practicality of the devices by multitude. however therefore huge is that the app store that it’s quite troublesome to find the helpful apps aside from the popular ones.

This week, we tend to so have compiled 5 Interesting apps for Android for you. Performance of the apps might vary as per the Android update frozen dessert Sandwich, candy or KitKat.


RescueTime may be a standard time trailing tool which can assist you perceive your app usage pattern supported reports and graphs.

It then provides elaborate reports and graphs which might assist you use your smartphone in an exceedingly a lot of productive means.


SnapPea permits connecting AN Android smartphone to a Windows computer via USB or a wireless fidelity network. Once connected, the desktop may be accustomed manage, organise the smartphone and even install applications.

Users also can send and receive SMS messages mistreatment the SnapPea program for Windows PCs. in an exceedingly shell, you’ll relish Android phone’s apps on the massive desktop screen.

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Working with many individuals at an equivalent time may be a busy expertise which is wherever the Trello helps out. whether or not it’s regarding coming up with a celebration or a project, Trello permits the users to manage any project simply.

List down the ideas or tasks to be delegated and share it amongst the cluster members. Trello offers card vogue interface, with a horizontal board, that’s clean and really attention-grabbing to use.

Users also can attach files to the tasks. better part is that Trello offers updates in period.

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PushBullet makes info sharing between a laptop ANd an Android phone very easy. mistreatment this app, one will simply share links, notes, files, lists and even addresses from the desktop to the Android based mostly smartphone or tablets.

The app needs access to user’s Google Account to operate swimmingly and mirror the Android device’s notification on the Chrome or Firefox application. Upto ten MB files may be simply sent from the desktop to the Android device mistreatment PushBullet over the net.

Sharing links between the desktop and therefore the Android smartphone is additionally quite straightforward. additionally the app offers AN interface to indicate the foremost recently shared item on the highest for user to get rid of it once used/accessed.

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Flava tries to create the method of maintaining a journal comparatively straightforward and pleasant. giving a clean program, Flava lets the user to create a fast journal entry. during this entry, user will attach files like photos, videos, music, location, books and internet links.

Each post may be bespoken with a color and text/icon tags may be supplemental. Also, these posts may be shared over social networks too. an equivalent content may be managed through app’s internet interface. This app may be bit significant on storage.

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