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The Best 10 LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Apps

LG G watch apps


The Best 10 LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Apps

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LG G watch apps – We’ve searched high and low to search out the ten best Android Wear apps obtainable for the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live smartwatches.


Multitasking is one in every of the areas that Android Wear isn’t designed well for, however Swipify improves it denary. It includes an lg g watch apps drawer and floating launcher that use smallest RAM and preserve your device’s battery for extended.

Wear mini Launcher

As its name counsel, Wear mini Launcher could be a fully redesigned launcher for smartwatches. It includes a number of a similar options because the commonplace launcher, however it’s higher and customarily works higher and quicker too.

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Pixtocam for Android Wear

Pixtocam connects to your smartphone’s camera, sanctionative you to totally management it from your smartwatch. Users will take photos exploitation their smartwatch so get a realtime preview sent on to their smartwatch yet.

Swipe True

Lets face it, recreation isn’t one thing that several people expected to be ready to do on our smartwatches. Swipe True could be a fun very little quiz game that tests your speed and sleight to answer queries as quickly as doable.

Calendar for Android Wear

Although Calendar for Android Wear will be a touch fiddly to use on the immensely smaller screen, it will change users to manage their appointments fairly simply. better of all, it remotely syncs with many calendars obtainable for smartphone users.

Find My Phone

If you stray too isolated from your smartphone with the notice My Phone app put in, you’ll notice your smartwatch perpetually abuzz till you’re nearer thereto. It’s nice for creating positive you don’t misplace or lose your phone.

Music Boss for Wear

If you’re a fervent media user, then Music Boss is associate absolute should. yet as having the ability to pick out songs from your Google Play Music account exploitation your voice, you’ll be able to additionally use Music Boss to attach to your Chromecast, once more by exploitation your voice.


Bunting is that the 1st Twitter consumer we’ve seen promptly obtainable for Android Wear devices. though it doesn’t have a whole Twitter interface, it will embrace an amazing means of having the ability to scan and reply to tweets on your smartwatch.

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Wear Audio Recorder

If you wish to record a piece of your voice, then the damage Audio Recorder app is ideal for you. Speak directly into the best lg g watch apps on your smartwatch and also the recording can save on to your smartphone.

Zooper Wear

Zooper square measure fairly well-known for his or her distinctive widgets for smartphones and they’ve managed to bring a number of them over to Android Wear. Users will absolutely customise their watch interface with a spread of cool Zooper impressed widgets.

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