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Features In The New Android 8.0 Oreo Operating System

newest android operating system


Features In The New Android 8.0 Oreo Operating System

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Newest android operating system – Android cooky is finally here. when months of testing the most recent software system was launched through a live stream. though it’s not however accessible for users. instead, it’s accessible to developers since time period. From the promotion videos, it’s assumed that the name are either automaton cooky or automaton cookie. currently it’s clear that it’s named as cooky.

User Interface and knowledge

The notifications square measure organized into custom channels wherever you’ll be able to modify the alerts. It permits you to set the background color and sounds for the notification. The notifications square measure time sure which suggests it’ll be off when a selected period of time and you’ll be able to even snooze notification during this means it’ll seem when the bound period of time.

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This feature was at first launched for automaton Tv. It permits users to observe videos whereas exploitation another app. it’s specially designed for those users World Health Organization willing to use alternative apps whereas viewing videos at that point. This feature can most likely be enclosed in WhatsApp and it’ll be launched with the automaton cooky. it’s conjointly terribly aware of floating bubble of Facebook traveler.

New set of emojis

The major modification comes within the set of emojis of latest android operating system 8.0. Google has stopped exploitation the “Blob round-faced emojis” instead it’s emojis can look tons like emojis on Apple’s iOS. it’s declared its compatibility with Emoji five.0 which has vomit face, orange heart and lots of alternative. These emojis have largely gradient applied thereto.

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Autofill Framework with Google

The another attention-grabbing feature that comes with the automaton cooky is that the carfill that auto fills card range, name, sign etc. If you’ve got let Chrome to save lots of your information, then that info are utilized in the automaton cooky. you’ll be able to log in to any social media account on mobile or tab exploitation the car saved credentials by chrome.

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Support for wider color gamuts

This update let the developers benefit of support for a wide-colour gamut show. automaton phones have the professional vogue image redaction feature however the apps don’t have. With the new android operating system, it’s potential to use wide color gamut on apps in addition.

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