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Screen Mirroring Mobile Phone to Laptop



Screen Mirroring Mobile Phone to Laptop

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Screen mirroring mobile phones – As I do demos at conferences or conventions on a daily basis, I even have a desire to point out my phone screen (a mobile version of an app) on my projected desktop screen.

show however multifactor authentication logon prompts pop on the phone, or show the groups app on mobile, etc).

For iPhone to Windows, the most effective app I’ve found is named LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver that you simply transfer the app off the web launch the app, then on the iPhone you merely do an AirPlay (out of the box screen sharing feature on iPhones) that pushes the mobile phones with screen mirroring.

This LonelyScreen app runs forever full featured at no charge. they need a subscription model you’ll pay these guys annually, that is acceptable to try and do if you employ the issue, particularly for business profit.

Only detail in victimization this application is you have got to induce on identical network between phone and portable computer (ie: same WLAN) that once you’re at a website victimization their WiFi with special logon and every one, typically you can’t do peer to look sharing that this issue uses, thus I typically got to connect my demo portable computer to my phone HotSpot to induce web property AND have my phone and portable computer connected to the current “same WiFi” that permits the devices to speak to every alternative.

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For Android to Windows, it wont to be “free” to solid Android to Windows ten Creators Edition as Win10 1703 encompasses a “connect” app that will inbound/outbound Miracast that Android devices wont to be able to permit you to easily “cast” your phone to Win10 for complimentary. but beginning with Android five just about, Google stopped enjoying the trade customary Miracast game and solely supported Chromecast, and there’s no Chromecast application for Windows that I may notice.

What I all over up doing was bought a product known as Vysor. you’ll transfer the app for complimentary off the Android Store, works fine on all versions of Android phones, and you transfer and install a companion app on your Windows computer (Win7 or higher) Plug your Android phone into a USB cable directly into your portable computer, have the Android phone set in USB Debugging mode (Support / Developer Tools / USB Debugging ON), click alright to permit Android to rectify, and therefore the Vysor app on Windows takes management of the Android phone. The free version pops up an add each 30-minutes, or for $39.99 you’ll purchase a lifespan license to use the issue.

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AND since it’s USB connected, it works from any website as a result of it doesn’t need clear WiFi/Ethernet property to figure, that is great! (you will do WLAN property of this app between phone and portable computer if you wish, however with an easy cable, it’s cleaner that you simply don’t got to play the WLAN security game).

SO, a few choices to be able to share the mirror mobile phone screen on pc.

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