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Best Top Ten Apps For Android Phones

Top ten apps for android


Best Top Ten Apps For Android Phones

Top ten apps for android – As long as they still captive, entertain, an surprise consumers; mobile apps can stay an obsession among mobile device users. Every day, innovative new mobile experiences ar coming into numerous app stores across mobile platforms. Out of the tremendous quantity of apps on the market, there ar top ten apps for android 2018, as well as the following:


Facebook, the foremost in style social network on the net, conjointly happens to be one amongst the foremost in style apps. The Facebook app accustomed be slow and crashed typically, however, the app is currently speedy and options several straightforward to use gestures; like swiping right down to stop viewing a photograph. With the Facebook app, you’re able to update your standing on the go, transfer videos or footage, register at locations, and far additional.


The most valuable feature enclosed within the Twitter app is alerts, that send word once somebody mentions you, favorites your tweet, or follows you. With this app, you’re able to subscribe receive notifications from specific users whenever they share a replacement tweet.

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Netflix is that the most well liked motion-picture show and television streaming app on the market, however, you’ll want a subscription to access your Netflix Instant Queue and watch your favorite movies and television shows on the go. Of course, Netflix doesn’t have each single motion-picture show or show, however it will have a good style of selections on the market.


Users should purchase books and magazines from e-readers, which is able to show au fait their app and may simply be streamed from the cloud, or downloaded for offline usage. additionally, Android users have the flexibility to form new purchases directly from the Kindle app.


Are you wanting to find specific varieties of stores and restaurants? This app is extraordinarily useful, with user reviews for an in depth style of locations. The app may be accustomed consider store data, photos of locations, edifice menus, and tips from different users.

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Google Maps

The Google Maps app comes preinstalled on Android Phones, and iPhone users ought to transfer the app right away. because the best free voice navigation app on the market for driving directions, Google Maps offers data concerning public transportation, additionally as permitting users the flexibility to look at specific components of the planet via Google Street read.


Instagram is one amongst the foremost in style apps as a result of it’s in style as a social network. It’s a fun and fantastic photo-taking app, with filters that may create any image look higher, or at the terribly least, additional creative. The social network is ideal for users on the go, because the massive daring footage may be “liked” in an exceedingly single faucet motion.

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Pandora could be a nice alternative if you’re searching for free music. Users will produce radio stations supported their favorite artists, genres, or songs. However, non-paying users can got to hear ads once in an exceedingly whereas, with a cap of forty hours of music per month.


YouTube conjointly comes preinstalled on Android Phones, and will be downloaded onto the iPhone right away. Users will simply notice videos, check for subscriptions, consider their favorite videos, and hunt for videos supported classes.

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Have you run out of area on your smartphone’s storage? still access additional photos and documents with Dropbox, an app for storing and accessing content through the cloud. With this app, you’re able to transfer and transfer no matter files you’d prefer to have in your Dropbox account.

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