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What Is A Flagship Android Smartphones


What Is A Flagship Android Smartphones

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What is flagship phone – The smartphone trade has been apace growing in quality, this can be thanks to all the options and functionalities that they possess. within the past few years if you have got ever browse a piece a few new smartphone or seen a TV industrial I’m positive you want to have seen the term “flagship phone” before.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and is one in every of the simplest flagship android smartphone of the year. however have you ever ever puzzled what that term means?

Before the appearance of smartphones, the term awesome phone was synonymous with the Navy. it had been accustomed describe the foremost necessary vessel in a very fleet, or a ship carrying the commissioned naval officer.

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So however will this relate to a smartphone? Well, I looked it up in and there area unit many totally different definitions that directly relates to the Navy.

Then there’s this definition “the best or most vital one in every of a bunch or system” this can be a additional general definition which might be applied to a smartphone.

I additionally researched the word flagship in and also there area unit 2 definitions the primary definition relates to the Navy and the second definition is “The best or most vital factor in hand or created by a specific organization“.

In regards to the smartphone trade whenever you hear the term flagship phone it typically means that the simplest or most vital smartphone that has ever been created by that company.

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Now you recognize What A Flagship Phone Is

If you’re curious about obtaining a flagship phone you must take a glance at a number of the flagship android smartphone for 2017 and 2018.

What Is A Flagship Killer Phone?

A flagship killer phone could be a phone that performs similarly as a flagship phone however value considerably less cash. even supposing these phones value less cash, they need high-end specs which permit them to perform similarly because the flagship phones.

People usually sit down with OnePlus phones as flagship killers as a result of OnePlus has developed a name for creating nice phones and merchandising them at a cheap value.

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If you’d prefer to get a replacement phone that performs well however you’re on a good budget. you must think about obtaining a OnePlus phone.

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