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The Best 4 Small Android Phones for You

best small android phone


The Best 4 Small Android Phones for You

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Google Pixel 2

For the best small android phone, the pixel 2 is that the just about the entire package.

The pixel 2 might wield last year’s processor, the flower 835, however it sits during a category of its own once it involves performance. It’s comfy to carry because of a comparatively little 5-inch 1080p show, and options front-facing speakers, water resistance, and one amongst the most effective cameras on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 could be a one-handed marvel, even if it’s got an oversized 5.8-inch show.

The Galaxy S9 is one amongst the foremost powerful compact phones on the market, and even if it options a 5.8-inch show, it’s during a body barely larger than the picture element two. The Galaxy S9 takes all of the good style qualities of the GS8 and improves upon them, placement the fingerprint device to a logical place and dramatically up the camera.

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Moto G6

The Moto G6 is a wonderful alternative if you are looking for an inexpensive unsecured phone.

It’s a modern-looking phone with a 5.7-inch 18:9 show, a fairly powerful flower 450 processor, and a amazingly sensible 12MP rear camera all for simply over $200. The 3000mAh battery lasts a decent whereas, and therefore the ultra-clean Oreo-based code is concerning nearly as good because it gets for the value.

Xperia XZ2 Compact

You won’t realize another 5-inch phone with such high-end specs and tiny bezels.

Sony’s Xperia XZ2 Compact brings all of the options one expects of a flagship right down to the palmable size. This one comes with a flower 845 and every one the camera enhancements of its Xperia XZ2 counterpart. because of the mix of a 5-inch show associated an 18:9 ratio, it’s a lot of best small android phones the pixel 2.

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The pixel 2 is solely the best small android phone. You get pure Google code, a best-in-class camera, water resistance, front-facing speakers, and high-end specs, bushed atiny low kind issue that may simply slot in your hand or pocket. As always, it may be a touch tough to seek out sure configurations available, however once you get your hands on one, the pixel 2 leaves very little to be desired except perhaps a electro acoustic transducer jack and wireless charging.

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