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How to Connect Phone to TV Wireless

Connect Phone to TV Wireless


How to Connect Phone to TV Wireless

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Everybody own a smartphone today, an one amongst the quite common uses for these small pocket computers is as an diversion system. Still, look movies or enjoying games on the phonephone or pill screen, whereas sensible on the go, simply isn’t rather like doing this on the TV or laptop monitor.

If your eyes area unit drained from viewing your mobile phone may be a small monitor, you may get a good huge screen phone expertise by connecting your phone to a screen via HDMI. It’s not too troublesome to screen pictures, movies, or toss your phone or pill show for your tv. If you haven’t tried it nonetheless, we’ve got a straightforward guide here on the most effective thanks to connect your smartphone or capsule employing a TV. Keep reading for the main points.

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For those that have home videos, footage and generally even movie streaming apps you would like to check on the silver screen, there area unit definitely some strategies for obtaining them on your TV. the solution can rely on however new (or previous) your unit is, what video quality you’re selecting, and (as always) what quantity you’re willing to pay.

Connect phone to tv wireless: From live tv to on-demand movies, your mobile device or notebook has the potential to revive your HDTV as most of your supply of activity.

There’s only one single problem: The monitor is just too tiny.

However there’s an answer thereto problem: You’ve many alternatives for causing video from your small screen for your silver screen. For those that have a relatively new product, you’ll be able to connect it to your HDTV exploitation an inexpensive wire and, in some instances, an adapter.

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It may seem hotter for connecting your product and television wirelessly, instead. However, instant streaming isn’t invariably the foremost effective alternative as example, once your wireless network doesn’t provide you with a robust signal. Plus, there’s the value of shopping for a wireless radio, together with the $35 Google Chromecast. in addition as for older mobile phones and computers, wireless streaming might not be a alternative the least bit.

Here area unit some tips about the way to attach numerous product for your tv.


Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), was the primary commonplace place certain connecting and Android device to a TV. It uses your phone’s inbuilt USB port, together with a particular cable to show output into a TV-readable format on the opposite finish.


It is simple to attach your smartphone to a sensible TV directly via Wi-Fi. this permits you to stream media files from Android devices. Some common sensible TV makers area unit Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG, and Panasonic. Some makers conjointly enable a right away wireless affiliation to the sensible TV. you’ll be able to use some live streaming device like Roku TV, Android TV, Chromecast, etc.

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Digital A/V Adafter – the way to Connect Phone to TV

Digital A/V Adapter may be a less-expensive resolution, Apple’s Digital A/V Adapter can do the trick. One finish plugs into your iDevice, whereas the opposite attaches to HDMI cable, and eventually, into your TV.

Once blocked in, the Lightning adapter compatible with the iPhone five and later, iPad Mini, and iPad (fourth information.) and later — mirrors everything seen on your iDevice on your TV. Video can look superb, however it’ll ne’er be true 1080p.

How do Connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod bit to my TV?

Apple sells a Lightning Digital Ab Adapter that accomplishes a similar factor. this is often basically HDMI adapter for your iOS device. Use any HDMI cable to travel from the adapter to your TV’s HDMI port. The TV doesn’t got to support MHL. The $49 Lightning adapters work with all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches with the Lightning port.

Above we’ve mentioned all the attainable ways in which for a way to attach Phone to TV Wireless, or and the way to attach Phone to Tv while not HDMI. Also, learn Connect Phone to TV USB. Comment below if you wish any facilitate.

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