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How to Play Android Apps on PC Windows XP/7/8/Mac

How to play android apps on pc


How to Play Android Apps on PC Windows XP/7/8/Mac

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How to play android apps on pc – Hello Friends, I hope all of you’re doing fine and nowadays I’m progressing to illustrate to you a number of the simple ways that to transfer, install and play any Android game app on your laptop. All of those strategies area unit tried and tested and how to play android apps on your pc.

Currently a days there area unit numerous games out there free on Android OS however they need some limitations whereas enjoying them on smartphones. 1st of all you’ve got alittle screen and second all you’ll do is faucet on the screen for using any feature. however if you put in that game/app on laptop you get a much bigger screen and higher controls using scroll buttons and mouse. therefore while not wasting any time any allow us to proceed to understand varied how to play android apps on windows pc.

Play Using Bluestacks Emulator Android on laptop windows XP/7/8/Mac

In a number of my previous posts on “How to play Candy Crush adventure story on PC” and “How to play Temple Run a pair of on PC” I mentioned concerning bluestacks Android someone and it’s use to put in apk files on PC/Laptop. someone is essentially a medium that interprets apk files to your laptop otherwise you might say it installs apk files on itself and act as a form of Android OS. you {simply} simply got to transfer and install the Bluestacks someone on your windows laptop or raincoat.

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Just visit this link to transfer the compatible version of Bluestacks on your laptop and so install it. confine mind that your laptop ought to have a minimum of 2GB of RAM so as to use bluestacks player.

After you’ve got with success put in the bluestacks someone simply serach your favorite game in its’s search bar. once the sport icon seems click on the install button besides it. you will conjointly get apk yourself from anyplace on your laptop. currently double click thereon and them open it with bluestacks player. currently it’ll be put in on your bluestacks player and you’re able to play your favorite Android game on your PC!

Play Using Youwave on laptop windows XP/Vista/7/8

Youwave conjointly gets put in on your windows laptop and allows you to install your favorite Android game app thereon. but Youwave may be a paid package and you wish to pay $14.99 for basic version and $19.99 for the house version. the same as the bluestacks player you wish to look for your game app and click on install.

Play Using Android SDK on laptop windows XP/7/8/Linux/Mac

This is official developer tool for Android developers and it can even be used as someone to check any game app. you just got to transfer it on your machine and cargo any apk file and SDK’s someone can allow you to play any Android game. you will use this link to transfer the Android developer SDK.

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Play Using live Android LiveCD on your laptop

Live Android LiveCD may be a Android virtualization tool. LiveAndroid allows you to transfer a LiveCD disc image of the Google Android software package. simply burn the image to a disc, stick it in an exceedingly drive, and revive your pc and you’ll explore Android while not putting in it or moving any files on your laptop.

If you don’t need to revive your laptop then you will use the disc image in an exceedingly virtualization application like VirtualBox, VMWare or Microsoft Virtual laptop and play your favorite Android game on your laptop.

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