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How to Using Your Android phone to Car Stereo

android phone to car stereo


How to Using Your Android phone to Car Stereo

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In a world inhabited with devices that square measure “Made for iPod” which “Work with iPhone,” the unenlightened Android phone owner may erroneously feel neglected and confused by the dearth of Android specific solutions for victimization their handsets in their vehicles specifically for paying attention to music on the road. Fret not, ye Android loyal. Because of the magic of standards, there’s no want for a “Made for Android” badge, as a result of chances are high that that the technology is already there for you to utilize.

In this How-To Guide, we’ll be outlining 3 ways to android phone to car stereo (and in some cases, on the cloud) through your automotive stereo. We’ll be victimization the Motorola Droid running Android OS a pair of.0.1 and a range of aftermarket and OEM automotive stereos, however these directions ought to work with any Android phone and any stereo that meets the necessities listed below.

Analog auxiliary input

Requirements: three.5mm male-to-male audio patch cable, stereo with auxiliary input

Setup: The analog auxiliary input is that the affiliation methodology with that most users square measure acquainted. merely obtain a three.5mm mini jack male-to-male audio patch cable (although for a few Mitsubishi vehicles, you will want a three.5mm mini jack-to-RCA patch cable), plug one finish into your Android‘s electro-acoustic transducer jack and also the alternative into android phone to car stereo. currently any audio that you’d ordinarily hear through your headphones are going to be vie through your car’s speakers, together with your net streaming audio services, like Pandora Radio.

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Pros: the benefits of victimization the auxiliary input square measure its simplicity and its relative omnipresence. With just one cable to attach and no computer code to handle, this can be the simplest thanks to use your Android phone within the automotive. Audio patch cables square measure low cost and simple to search out and nearly each new vehicle we’ve tested within the past few years has a minimum of been equipped with some form of auxiliary audio input.

Cons: There square measure many drawbacks to the present methodology. although the analog audio is passable, it’s not the most effective. Audiophiles will certainly notice. final audio quality is very obsessed with variety of things, starting from your handset’s digital to audio device to quality of the patch cable. Plus, users can need to use a separate automotive charger to stay their batteries juiced–which means that double the amount of cables–and there square measure currently 2 volume settings to contend with: the amount on your phone and also the volume of the automotive stereo. (A smart rule of thumb is to depart your handset’s volume at 50-80 p.c and build changes with the stereo.)

Bluetooth audio streaming

Requirements: Stereo with Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming capability

Setup: The Bluetooth affiliation method varies from stereo to stereo, however sometimes it starts with initiating the pairing mode on your automotive stereo. this might mean finding associate degree possibility during a menu or giving the system the correct voice commands. (Hint: strive “setup” or “help.”) The system could raise you many queries, then prompt you to complete the setup method on your phone.

Next on your Android phone, head into the Settings menu and choose Wireless & Networks. make certain that the Bluetooth antenna is steam-powered on by checking the box next to Bluetooth, then choose Bluetooth Settings menu. At all-time low of succeeding screen, you will find an inventory of accessible Bluetooth devices. find your stereo within the list and choose it. {you’ll be|you can be} prompted for a pin (which could will vary from stereo to stereo, however is typically 0000) and also the pairing method are going to be complete. The entry within the Bluetooth devices list ought to scan “Connected to phone and media audio.” If not, then press and hold on the stereo’s name till the discourse menu seems, then choose choices and manually alter audio streaming by checking the box next to Media.

Pros: Bluetooth pairing is typically a one-time deal, therefore ensuant pairings ought to happen mechanically anytime you get into your automotive along with your phone (as long a Bluetooth is active). Wireless audio streaming may be a raw digital audio output, therefore net radio services and turn-by-turn directions will work with this affiliation kind. Audio quality is on par with (and sometimes superior to) that of the auxiliary input. Most automotive stereos will offer users rudimentary pause and skip controls, therefore drivers are going to be able to keep their hands on the handwheel and off of the phone. to boot, virtually each system that supports Bluetooth audio additionally supports Bluetooth job, therefore you will be able to seamlessly transition between creating calls and paying attention to music.

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Cons: Maintaining a wireless affiliation to your vehicle makes Bluetooth audio streaming the foremost battery intensive affiliation kind. Users can wish to attach their phones to a charger for long visits, which kind of negates the wireless advantage. though the Bluetooth profile provides users restricted in-dash management, there’s sometimes no track data (title, artist, album, etc.) displayed on the automotive stereo. Advanced controls, like selecting a replacement list or choosing a special Pandora station, can still need interaction with the phone, that is unlawful whereas the vehicle is in motion in many nations.

USB knowledge affiliation

Requirements: Mini-USB adjust cable (such because the one that came along with your phone), automotive stereo that supports USB mass-storage devices

Setup: find your automotive stereo’s USB port and connect your phone thereto victimization the Mini-USB adjust cable. On your Android phone, you must notice a little USB icon in your notification bar. Pull down the notification bar and choose the USB connected notification. you will be asked if you would like to mount your SD card, therefore choose Mount.

If your automotive stereo hasn’t mechanically done therefore, choose USB because the supply. The stereo ought to then search your SD card for audio files and start enjoying them back.

Pros: Connecting via USB may be a utterly digital affiliation that bypasses your phone and permits your automotive stereo’s typically superior digital/analog device to method the audio. This most frequently leads to the most effective attainable sound quality. Users square measure able to browse their files from the dashboard, that is a smaller amount distracting (not to say legal all told states) and utilize systems, like Ford’s adjust for voice command, if present. Finally, you may reach your destination with a totally charged battery, because of your vehicle’s steam-powered USB port.

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Cons: the sole styles of audio which will be vie over USB square measure the regionally hold on sorts that your automotive stereo supports. This typically means that MP3, WMA, AAC, or WAV files. net radio streaming is out, as square measure turn-by-turn directions, if you are victimization your phone for navigation.

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