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Latest Android Pie Features Most Recent Android Version

Most Recent Android Version


Latest Android Pie Features Most Recent Android Version

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Lately, Google finally proclaimed the official nickname for the foremost recent Android version package. Android P wherever the letter “P” is brief for “Pie”.

The ninth version of the Android package is out there through associate degree over-the-air update for Google’s component series devices. different makers taking part within the Android P program ar Sony, Xiaomi, HMD world (Nokia), Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Essential.

If you compare it to its forerunner, Android Pie carries variety of updates in varied aspects. What ar the new options that users will realize on Android Pie? look at 9 latest Android Pie options because the most recent Android version that technofrix presents to you.


Google implements a rounded look within the Android Pie graphical interface, as well as within the fast settings section and notification receptacle. The visual theme of the look material on Android Pie because the most up-to-date Android version will have white house and rounded corners. The setting read additionally currently displays a a lot of colourful icon.

For notifications, Android Pie is ready to show content like pictures from instant electronic communication apps, further as associate degree choice to instantly reply to conversations.

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In bound circumstances, the looks of a dark interface is more well-off than bright white as was common. within the previous Android biscuit, Google once provided a dark mode possibility that users had to activate by choosing wallpaper, then again Google force back this feature.

Dark mode is currently a feature for Android Pie. To activate this feature is additionally simple. merely open the show possibility within the settings menu, then device theme, then select from 3 choices, specifically automatic (based on wallpaper), light, or dark.


Today, several Android smartphones have a “notch” on the highest as a front camera and phone. whereas the screen continues to widen and leaves solely a skinny frame on the sting of the device.

As the most up-to-date Android version, Pie provides a notch simulation feature for developers in order that they will see what the applying seems like in a very notch smartphone.

The trick is to activate the developer mode, then activate the choice “simulate a show with a cutout” within the drawing section.


Like its forerunner, Android Pie still supports taking screenshots by holding the facility and volume down buttons along.

In addition, there’s a replacement feature for screenshot redaction. As shortly because the screenshot is taken, Android Pie can show the “Edit” button within the screenshot preview.

Editing choices embrace crop, highlight, and drawing. This shortens the steps that users ought to edit screenshots before sharing them with others.

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Google doesn’t implement this feature by neglect Android Pie however is obtained through participation within the beta program provided the user features a component series device.

Digital eudaimonia aims to scale back mobile phone usage by users through a special dashboard that displays supporting options.

There is associate degree “app timer” that limits the period of the applying, “do not disturb”, and “wind down” that mechanically activates Night light-weight and changes the colour of the screen to grayscale to cue users to right away sleep after they ar still busy obvious at the mobile phone screen on the bed.


Android Pie provides a replacement security feature for further security, specifically imprisonment mode that may lock the device so disable the fingerprint scanner and voice unlock and not show notifications on the lock screen. Then the device can arouse a default key such a PIN or pattern.

The thanks to activate it’s to open the protection and site possibility within the Settings menu, then Lock Screen Preference, and activate Show imprisonment. Then the device can show the choice to imprisonment once the user presses the facility button.


Are you tired of the 3 default Android navigation buttons? Google provides another for Android Pie. Introduce navigation based mostly swiping gestures.

Swipe your finger to the proper to perform the “back” perform, to the left to vary the open application, up to check the “recent apps” or the app drawer.

The small conic section button (on-screen button) within the middle of the screen functions sort of a physical home button to bring the user back to the house screen.


Some Android users could typically be forced to flip through the device as a result of the fulminant show of the screen changes from portrait or contrariwise once the device changes orientation.

Unlike the previous Android version that solely provides choices “on” and “off” for automatic rotation, Android Pie will lock the show in a very bound orientation.

A special button on the highest corner of the screen is employed to activate this rotation lock.

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The adaptational battery feature uses AI to trace user usage patterns of Apps, as well as at any time the device usage time.

Apps that ar typically used can get resource and battery priority to run within the background. The goal is none apart from to extend power potency and save battery life.

To facilitate the user in watching, the remaining battery power indicator are showed at very cheap of the close display (always on display).

So you already understand the extra options of Android Pie right? because the most up-to-date Android version, of course, Google is making an attempt as optimally as doable to spoil its customers with their most refined options. What does one think?

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