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Best Online Android Emulator to Test Apps

Online Android Emulator to Test Apps


Best Online Android Emulator to Test Apps

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Here area unit a pair of free online android emulator to test apps somebody to run, check Android apps in browser. you’ll use these emulators for gratis with some restrictions within the free version. Here they supply you an Android like interface an you’ll transfer an APK file from your laptop then run within the emulated mobile device.

You’ll check your apps by merely uploading them. Also, you’ll use different options of mobile moreover like victimization browser, calls, running WhatsApp, Facebook like apps, etc. In one in every of these websites, you’ll even use completely different Android devices like Nexus five, 7, 9, etc., for the emulation and take screenshots to from them and save them.

There area unit some software system that area unit sensible Android emulators that you just will use if your laptop has sensible configuration. however largely somebody software system take such a lot RAM and have an effect on overall system performance. which is why you’ll use these online android emulator to test apps. Another use case of those on-line emulators are going to be victimization the browser to access web. If you would like to pretend your location on a service then you’ll open that service within the web browser of those emulators.

Free Online Android Emulator to Test Apps:

1. APKOnline

APKOnline could be a nice web site that provides you a free Android somebody that you just will use while not making any account. Here you’ll simply open a session to the Android somebody and do what you would like to try to to. By default, there area unit some apps already that you just will use to check its practicality. Here it helps you to transfer an APK come in it that you just will install and use during this. However, it lacks Google Play Store. to put in an app, you’ll ought to use its APK then use that during this on-line somebody. in addition, it provides you choices to rotate the screen, increase/decrease the quantity, and move to the system settings.

Simply access the APKOnline from on top of link then you’ll begin victimization it. If you would like to transfer an APK file then you’ll move to the most somebody and check that app. you’ll use your app to check each page and each management. you’ll conjointly screenshot the app that you just area unit testing. However, the screenshot feature doesn’t appear to be operating without delay. except for app testing, you’ll use the browser of the somebody to browse the web from completely different location.

Note: This somebody is free and you’ll use it as for as long as you would like. however there’s catch that once sixty seconds of inactivity, your session are going to be terminated mechanically. then the session are going to be allotted to different user. So, you wish to stay this in mind whereas you’re victimization this somebody.

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2. Appetize

Appetize is another free web site that has you a free Android somebody. However, the free set up is extremely restricted. here you’ll use the somebody for a hundred minutes per month. And there may be Georgia home boy a pair of synchronic sessions. similar to the web site on top of, you’ll transfer an APK file from your laptop then emulate that within the cloud. and therefore the better part here is that, you’ll select the various devices for the emulation.

It supports Nexus five, Nexus 7, and Nexus nine like devices and you’ll even select completely different Android version moreover for the emulation. However, whereas victimization this somebody, you’ll ought to keep track of the free usage limit. you’ll use this for Very light usage. And except for app testing, you’ll conjointly use the constitutional apps like browser to surf the web.

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Simply, move to the most web site then check in for a free account. then you’ll begin victimization the somebody. simply transfer an APK file that you just wish to check then you’ll begin victimization that. you’ll take screenshots and alter the screen rotation moreover.

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