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The Best 10 Free Offline Puzzle Games for Android



The Best 10 Free Offline Puzzle Games for Android

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Free offline puzzle games for android area unit a good thanks to each linger and improve your brain at any age, and a Android device is ideal platform for them. We’ve got a variety of the best puzzle games for your Android device right here, from word puzzles to logic games, all fully unengaged to transfer.

Download these Best Free Offline Puzzle Games for Android

1. Word Search Puzzles

Easy to select up and play, IceMochi’s Word Search Puzzles may be a easy problem game. With a random puzzle generator, you won’t ever play constant game doubly. additionally, the “Vocab Challenge” puzzles provide you with a good likelihood to boost your vocabulary whereas you play.

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2. Mahjong

A solitare-style game of matching tiles, this version of board game comes with over two hundred boards, thus even a board game veteran can notice a replacement challenge.

3. Mind Games – Brain coaching

If you’re searching for additional of a brain-trainer that simply seems like a game, Mind Games is for you. With a spread of various brain coaching puzzles starting from abstract thinking to face memory, you’ll feel smarter in no time. a good alternative for folks curious about Lumosity, however unwilling to pay full worth for a brain-trainer.

4. Candy Crush Heroic Tale

Don’t let the intense colours and Candyland art vogue fool you; there’s a reason that Candy Crush isn’t simply an easy matching game, however one in all the foremost talked-about Android games ever. additionally, links to your desktop computer suggests that you’re ne’er secluded from this addictive very little puzzle.

5. Burger

A prime example of a “kitchen scramble” game, Burger has you creating hamburgers in an exceedingly sort of alternative ways as quick as attainable. it’s going to begin out simple, however with new toppings and fewer time, Burger gets quite difficult quite quickly.

6. Flow Free

A perfect example of a “simple to be told, troublesome to master” game, Flow Free may be a easy game of connecting dots while not crossing lines that gently becomes a real take a look at. a good puzzle game for visual drawback solvers or anyone United Nations agency works higher with issues they’ll see.

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7. Four Pics One Word



Four footage, all with one word in common. A game that takes a sentence to work out however weeks to good, four Pics one Word encourages unconventional thinking and problem-solving.

8. Can You Escape

With an obsessive following and new floors perpetually being additional, this Myst vogue escape game is bound to stay even clever fans of the genre amused.

9. GraBLOX

In addition to an easy art vogue and difficult gameplay, GraBLOX conjointly comes with grade editor, so you’ll build new levels to challenge your friends.

10. 100 Gates

Combining difficult puzzles, a stunning art vogue, and therefore the use of all of your Android’s options, a hundred Gates may be a puzzle game that doesn’t look or play sort of a free game.

All of those games area unit nice to play in brief bursts or over a full afternoon. we tend to guarantee you’ll pay many time making an attempt to fully make out every of those marvellous items of software package.

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