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Phonestips’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2018

Pocketnow’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2018


Phonestips’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2018


Phonestips’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2018

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This post is sponsored by the OnePlus 6T — The Speed You Need.

If you’re in the majority of people that wait until the last two weeks before Christmas to buy presents for all the people on your list – it’s true, look up national retail sales figures, you procrastinators – then you’re in luck.

At Phonestips, we think it’s best to give the most special folk to you the gift of mobile communication. What, you think this site is about jewellery and gifts under $20? Well, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about breaking the bank: we’re suggesting some of the latest devices that can work on all of the United States’s networks for under $200. And for the spiffy people in your life, there are some premium choices here, too.

But why not start off in a place in between?

For your reference, all of these phones are generally available unlocked for use on AT&T, T-Mobile and other US-based GSM networks. Compatibility with other networks will be mentioned per item.

Links in bold italic text indicate an Amazon affiliate link. Phonestips may generate revenue if you click through.

This list might look a little suspect to you. Why is a $650 phone on the list? Well, honestly, the way that flagship phones have been getting priced lately has increased the roof on some devices that we would call “affordable flagships” or specialist phones. We’ve tried to walk the tightrope on this one with a couple of sub-$400 options as well as our crown jewel pick for the stocking, stuck right in the middle of the price range.

5. BlackBerry KEY2 LE ($449.99) – If you’re getting a phone for a loved one who spends too much time at the coffee machine, in the cubicle and standing on the meeting room table, this unique option with a physical keyboard seated next to the front-facing display.

4. Moto Z3 Play ($369.99) – It’s the sleeper Moto Z phone of the year that preceded a Moto Z3 that had quite a few compromises. But it’s affordable enough for you to not just get your pal a thin phone, but a Moto Mod, too.

3. LG G7 ThinQ ($433.95) – This early release still has some of the latest specs, a wide-angle camera for terrific photographic versatility and a resonance chamber that puts the ‘oomph’ into its bombastic BoomBox speaker branding.

2. Galaxy S9 ($619.99) – And another spring chicken to boot! This one has some interesting tricks like face-mapped emoji, 960fps slow-motion video and — bonus points, perhaps — there’s a friendlier graphic user interface coming soon.

1. OnePlus 6T ($709.85) – It’s our cream of the crop — and not because it’s our sponsor. If you like customizing your phone to the hilt or use it like an extension of your hand, it provides all the speed and reliability you need for just about 60 percent of the cost of the phones you’ll be seeing below. Check out our objective and comprehensive video review here.

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